Questions and Answers about Bicycle Accident Cases


Q: I want to sue the person responsible for my bicycle accident.  Can I do that?

When a person is involved in a bicycle accident, the injuries are usually very severe.  If another person caused the accident, they may be legally responsible for the injured person’s injuries.  It is very important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon after the bicycle accident as possible.  An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to review the injured person’s case and determine if a legal claim can be brought against the responsible person.

Q: Who are the potential defendants in a bicycle accident case?

There are many possible parties against whom a person injured in a bicycle accident can recover.  The potential parties that can be pursued for damages depend on the facts of the case.  Often, the driver of a motor vehicle is responsible for the client’s injuries and claims can be brought against the driver’s car insurance company.  Other potential parties against whom an injured bicyclist can recover include cities, counties or states for improperly maintaining roadways can creating hazardous and dangerous conditions, homeowners who created dangerous conditions on their property or failed to maintain their property, and manufacturers of defective bicycles or bicycle parts.  These are only a few examples of the potential persons against whom an injured bicyclist can recover.  An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to evaluate a client’s particular case to identify potential parties against whom an injured bicyclist can recover monetary damages.

Q: What if I think I am at fault for the bicycle accident?

Bicyclists are obligated to follow Arizona law for the safe operation of a bicycle.  Even if a bicyclist injured in an accident believes that he or she is at fault in some way for the accident, the bicyclist should still speak with a personal injury attorney regarding the case.  Many injured people mistakenly believe that if they violated a law, they will not be able to recover from another person whose actions or inactions contributed to the accident.  Injured bicyclists should NEVER assume that they do not have a claim for damages against another person.  Again, the bicyclist should consult with an attorney as soon after the accident as possible.

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